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Ever have that burning desire to talk to a rocker?

Wanna rub cyber elbows with a star?

Do you think you can make a difference in the world?


Yeah, so do we.


But until that day comes, why not drop us an email or follow us on Twitter. Let’s see if we have anything in common. Or perhaps you know of a song we just gotta play. Maybe you saw us play recently and were suitably impressed… so much so, that you must tell somebody who cares before you forget who the hell that band was. Or maybe you wanted to thank us for being so considerate and efficient during the late-night load out.


Hey, we’re all human. Everyone likes to know when they’ve done a good job.

Why Do People Hire Us?

So many reasons to hire us for your next show… what’s yours?

Thinkings from the Doctor:


  1. Love you guys!

  2. WOW its been along time since I have seen you guys, always a great time. Need to come out see you again.

  3. I’m with a group of dancers who would love to pack the dance floors wherever you perform. Please give me a list of your upcoming performance dates. Thank you.

  4. Linda Lutz and Vern Pennington

    Fabulous as always!!! you guys!!
    Happy New Year!!
    Linda and Vern

  5. I am watching you guys play a wedding right now and I hope you know that your performance is fantastic and appreciated even if there are fewer people on the floor or cheering than you’re used to. What a great show, thanks for driving the party.

  6. Kathi Starecki Quinn

    I THINK I’ve seen you several times with my husband, Rick. Is one of the band members a graphic designer?

  7. You were all freaking amazing last night at the private wedding gig for a “couple of kids” (yeah, compared to Keith Richards, maybe). Smoking hot. That part might have been a little over the top … nah, it was great. Thanks for everything.

  8. Hey guys we’ll see you next weekend ????
    Just wondering if you want some cookies or banana breads????
    Love you guys Gg

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