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Some Very Nice Words

“We are thrilled. The amount we raised is close to a record for us, and given the state of Alberta’s economy, it is doubly impressive. Everyone has been raving about the Blue Whos and asking where we found you. I reply “It’s a long story….”. But all in all you guys were an integral part of making this event a big success! Please say thank you to the rest of your crew from all of us.”
~ High River District Health Care Foundation

“Thank you so much for an excellent night of music and for helping us to promote music and culture in the Strathmore area.”
~ The Strathmore Musical Arts Society

“I am watching you guys play a wedding right now and I hope you know that your performance is fantastic and appreciated even if there are fewer people on the floor or cheering than you’re used to. What a great show, thanks for driving the party.”
~ A new fan

You were all freaking amazing last night at the private wedding gig for a “couple of kids” (yeah, compared to Keith Richards, maybe). Smoking hot. That part might have been a little over the top … nah, it was great. Thanks for everything.
~ Raechel Wright

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