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Musical Therapy for the Masses

Dr. Zeuss and the Blue Whos was formed in 1991 for the purpose of performing honest roots music with energy and enthusiasm. Two decades later, that still hasn't changed. Some would argue, neither has their paycheque. But that's another story.

The band is made up of seven musicians, featuring the horn section fondly known as "The Brassouls", and Dave and his magic flute. Every one of the Blue Whos is a professional musician with decades of experience. Most of the players are multi-instrumentalists with proficiency in a variety of ever-expanding musical styles.

That being said, there are really only three things that matter when they play together:

1: Have fun.

2: Don't break anything.

3: Put the phones away.

Alas, as the inimitable Meatloaf once sang, "Two outta three ain't bad."

Who, What, Where, When, Why, Who?

Who's the Whos?

Who's the Whos?

Read the bios of the Blue Whos and get to know them better than they know themselves... on second thought, don't, because that would just be weird...


A diverse selection of music stemming from the diverse range of taste that seven fairly mature men can kinda agree upon...
Upcoming Shows

Upcoming Shows

Maybe you can be there... maybe you can't. It doesn't really matter because we'll be there. Actually, it would be a teeny bit more fun if you were there too...

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

Hey, look at us being all visual and such! We recorded one of our recent stage setups and you can view it here »

Apparently, people don't know they can hire us to play for them. You gotta have the money, but other than that, we're pretty easy. Check out our past accolades and performance video.

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