The Doctor is Out

The band was formed by a Dr. Wardener Zeuss in late 1991. Through an odd twist of fate, the doctor emigrated on a peace mission to Los Angeles, searching for an extra kidney. He has only been heard from sporadically ever since. There have been unconfirmed sightings of a male fitting his description frequenting Comicon tradeshow booths and trading ridiculously rare comics for a song. What a nut! He was also reputed to have been on the third season of Amazing Race, but his partner was a dyslexic goof, so they got lost and dropped out in the second episode.

But anyways, the remaining backup band members decided that they should continue on without him. They have grown musically and continue to seek out new life… to boldly go where no band has gone before.

Read the bios of the Blue Whos

Dale: Basses, Vocals and Lightman
Dave: Saxophones, Vocals, Percussion and Snow Removal
Doug: Drums, Percussion and Processed Meat Snacks
Rod: Guitars, Vocals and Guitar Mogul
Scott: Lead Vocals, Percussion
Tod: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Vocals, Percussion
Tom: Keyboards, Vocals (Website design/copywriting and Hosting)

Test Your Knowledge

  1. Where was the band’s first live performance? Who didn’t show up?
  2. How many guitars does Dave own?
  3. How many kidneys are usually on stage during a performance?
  4. How many drumsticks does Doug use in a night?
  5. Which Who loves a good Weimaraner?
  6. Who almost died inhaling a crème broulet, at the Banff Springs Hotel?
  7. Who missed two sets when his daughter was being born in 1993? Where were we playing?
  8. Where did the band paint their first backdrop?
  9. How many original members are in the band today, after 23 years?
  10. Who, after playing for two years in a Pink Floyd tribute band, still managed to qualify to become a Calgary firefighter?

Think you know all the answers? Then email us with the answers and we’ll get right back to you to tell you what you’ve won.

Who’s Favourite Pre-show Snack


Thinkings from the Doctor:

Dr. Zeuss says: If you’re going to drink and drive, please remember to sign your organ donor card first. If you don’t want to live, you should give someone else the chance.

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